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Vintage Dot Matrix Printer Library

Sound Effects Library

Augment your sonic toolbox with a collection of 512 snappy Dot Matrix printer files, known for their unique sound, which makes them suitable as a base for creative sound design.

The Dot Matrix sound effects library is made up of two parts: A full 3-minute recording of an Epson LQ 570 dot matrix printer at work and 511 short files meticulously edited to isolate each movement that the device makes whilst printing. These movements have been categorised into 5 different folders:

1) Short bursts, with 295 different variations
2) Double bursts, with 25 different variations
3) Triple bursts, with 98 different variations
4) Long bursts, with 45 different variations
5) Servo sounds, with 48 different variations

The recordings have not been manipulated in any way other than being edited into smaller files, as to not limit your options when using the sounds creatively.

In total, you will receive 512 .wav files, each containing SoundMiner metadata, recorded at 96k/24bit in order to allow for a high level of manipulation.



  • 512 audio files
  • 158 MB Unpacked Size
  • Over 6 minutes of audio
  • 24bit/96kHz Sample Rate
  • Single user, royalty-free licence - for a multi-user license, contact me
  • Rich SoundMiner Metadata