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Hidden Waterfall

Water Ambience Sound Library

Have you ever wanted waterfall recordings with character, and texture, as opposed to hours of white noise?

Discover the roaring sound of a hidden waterfall, crashing on jagged rocks, pure ice-cold mountain water permeating the air.

The waterfall, hidden in the Carpathian mountains, is small enough that it still has texture and movement, whilst retaining that unmistakable roaring sound.

Recorded from different perspectives, distances and angles, over an hour and a half of recordings have been edited down to just over 11 minutes of audio at 24bit/96kHz, containing the essence of the waterfall.

The files are tagged with rich SoundMiner metadata, explaining in detail the perspective from which each sound was recorded.



  • 5 audio files
  • 11 minutes of audio
  • 412 MB Unpacked Size
  • 24bit/96kHz Sample Rate
  • Single user, royalty-free licence - for a multi-user license, contact me
  • Rich SoundMiner Metadata