Audio Techie Buyer's Guide: Best Christmas Deals of 2018 / by Chris Skyes

(Last updated: 14th of December 2018)

Yes, it is indeed that time of year once again. Do you need another mic? Probably not, but guess what? It’s December, so naturally, it is time to tell yourself that you do, and let the lies flow through you.

That, and check out this list of discounted audio nerd products I found on Amazon. I’ve tried to write piffy descriptions for most of the items, just to keep things interesting.

All the links are Amazon Affiliate links, which means that it won’t cost you anything extra, but I get a small commission from them if you do purchase something. It supports the blog and allows me to fund my ever-growing love of pistachios and cream cheese.

Have fun. I’ll try to keep the list updated throughout the holidays, but bare in mind that offers can run out at any time, and some countries might not have some of these items on sale.

Shotgun Microphones

There’s currently a sale on the RØDE NTG1 (30% OFF), NTG2 (31% OFF), NTG3 (19% OFF), NTG4 (23% OFF), and NTG4+ (28% OFF).

When the world finally ends up in a pile of smoldering rubble, the last thing standing will probably be these mics. Love them or hate them, Rode mics are built to last, they have low self-noise, and they provide really great sound for the price.

Rode, if you need someone to write your marketing campaigns, look no further.

Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphones


Rode Microphones RØDE NT1-A Vocal Pack (23% OFF)
I’ve actually heard lots of good things about the NT1-A. From what I can gather, it’s basically used as a workhorse microphone by lots of engineers across the world, for everything from ADR and Foley, to musical instruments and sound effects.

Rode NT-USB Microphone (19% OFF)
This is actually one of the better USB condensers I’ve seen. If you don’t have an audio interface, or if you’re traveling, and all you have is your iPad, you can actually connect this mic to it, though you need to purchase a separate adapter.

AKG P220.jpg
AKG P420.jpg
AKG 220.jpg

Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

mxl 770.jpg

Dynamic Instrument Microphones

AKG P4.jpg
AKG D112.jpg

Condenser Instrument Microphones

Rode m3.jpg

Handheld Condenser Microphones


Handheld Dynamic Microphones

AKG d5.jpg
AKG D5s.jpg
AKG D7.jpg

Microphone Set

AKG Drum Set.jpg

Audio Interfaces

scarlett bundle.jpg

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio (2nd Gen) Recording Bundle (17% OFF)
It’s red, it’s matte, and it has cool LED rings around the knobs which shows you when you’re peaking. The Focusrite Scarlett Solo can record up to 192kHz / 24bit, and it has a frequency response of 20 Hz - 20 kHz ± 0.1dB.

In addition to that, buying the bundle also gets you a CM25 MkII Condenser Microphone and a pair of really snazzy Scarlett headphones.

Also, to get you started, it includes Pro Tools First Focusrite Creative Pack and Ableton Live Lite, Focusrite Control, Softube Time and Tone Bundle, Focusrite's Red Plug-in Suite, and 2GB of Loopmasters samples.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo (2nd Gen) (11% OFF)
See the above, but you don’t get the microphone or headphones. If you already have those, just getting the interface might be your best bet.

Behringer IS202 Computer Audio Interface (33% OFF)
This actually looks quite cool. It’s basically an audio interface which acts as a dock for your iPad (I believe up to Gen 3) and allows you to plug things in and record on the go.

Behringer U-PHORIA UMC204HD Audio Interface (11% OFF)
It looks cool, it has phantom power, has multiple inputs, and it can record at up to 24-bit/192 kHz. Not much more that you can ask from an interface at this price range.

Focusrite Clarett 2Pre USB.jpg
Focusrite Clarett 4Pre.jpg
Focusrite Clarett 8Pre.jpg

MIDI controllers

mini 32 II.jpg
LPD wireless.jpg

AKAI Professional LPD8 Wireless (10% OFF)

They’ve got buttons, and keys, and knobs, and they send MIDI data to your DAW. Some look cooler than others, but more importantly, some come in colours such a black and red.

Hand held Recorders

Tascam DR-40 (56% OFF)
Apparently it has voice activation. That can actually come in handy, if you’re about to record something away from the mic, but forgot to press record.


Zoom H4n Pro (22% OFF)
We’ve all used it. It works fine, it’s a decent price, especially right now as it’s discounted, and it’ll serve you very well on your student projects. If you want something with less pre-amp noise though, have a look at the next recorder in the list.

Zoom H5 (32% OFF)
This is the H4n’s alien cousin. It looks nicer, more rugged, and it has better pre-amps.


RØDE Blimp Wind Shield and Shock Mount System (17% OFF)
It works with most shotgun microphones, it has a great suspension system, a 10 year warranty, and it’s guaranteed to be a head turner!

Microphone Windshields

super softie.jpg

Rycote Super Softie kit (20% OFF)
It’s fully compatible with the Schoeps CMIT5U, along with many other brands of microphones. It reduces handling and wind noise, whilst maintaining transparency, through the use of Rycote 3D tex fabric.

That being said, don’t worry though, people will still look at you funny whilst walking around with it over your mic.

dead cat.jpg

RØDE Deadcat Furry Windshield (24% OFF)
It works with the Rode VideoMic, NTG-1 and NTG-2. It’s small, practical, and gets the job done. That being said, if you think you’ll be recording in very windy environments, consider purchasing the RØDE Blimp instead.

Boom Poles

RØDE Mini BoomPole 2m (27% OFF)
It’s a pole, it extends, and, if need be, it can probably vanquish your enemies. I own it personally, it’s really cool, does the job great, and it’s on offer, so go for it.

Disclaimer #1: The RØDE Mini BoomPole is not actually designed to vanquish your enemies, or indeed, anyone else for that matter.

Disclaimer #2: If passing through an airport, remember, it’s not a Boom pole for your shotgun mic, it’s a pole for your directional microphone.

Shock Mounts

Rode SM3-R.jpg

RØDE SM4-R Suspension Shock Mount (13% OFF)
Whether you mount it on top of a camera, or on the end of a boom pole, it’ll help reduce handling noise. That being said, if you’re going to mount it on a boom pole, you might be better off getting the RØDE Blimp.


RØDE PG1 Cold Shoe Pistol Grip for VideoMic (27% OFF)
This allows you to hold the VideoMics by Rode!



Shure SRH1540 (19% OFF)
They look cool, they’re made out of carbon fiber, aluminum alloy, they have an Oxygen-free copper cable, with a Kevlar reinforced jacket, and a frequency range between 5 Hz and 25 kHz. Alas, if only they came with detachable LED cat ears.


Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO (18% OFF)
Have you ever wanted to wear Velour ear pads in a professional environment? Well, look no further. These lush headphones by Beyerdynamic will help you achieve exactly that!

Oh, also, they have a frequency response of 5 Hz - 35 KHz, a nominal sound pressure level of 96 dB, and they’re made by cyborgs over in Germany.

DT 990.jpg

Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO (19% OFF)
Just as snazzy as the 770 PRO.